The new BBQ

Healthy eating is on the rise, and with millennials leading the way people seem to be more proactive than ever before, according to surveys. We’re starting to care more about what we eat and where it comes from. So, what does this mean for our ceremonial summer BBQs?

Fear not. While trends are changing, it’s all about substitution. Here’s how a few simple changes to your summer BBQ can tick all the health-conscious trends.

  1. Swap the crate of beer for craft soft drinks.

Brits aged 16-24 are less likely to drink alcohol than any other age group, and the percentage of people who do drink, is at its lowest since 2005, according to research. With quality still as a priority, it comes as no surprise that craft soft drinks are a popular predicted trend for summer 2018.

According to Mintel, consumers are getting tired of old fizzy flavours that have been around for years such as Lemonade and Cola. This leaves the market on the lookout for new flavour innovation. A great example of this, is London based soft drinks company Nix and Kix. Not only do they have fantastic flavour infusions such as mango ginger and peach vanilla, their range is vegan friendly, natural and has no refined sugar. It doesn’t get much more millennial than that!

Take a look at pages 96-97 of the Lockhart Look Book for some refreshing serving suggestions.


2. Another simple substitution is to swap bun for bowl.

Not only is the bunless BBQ an easier alternative served straight from the grill, but a healthier one, cutting out on average 236 calories per burger.

And the food bowl trend doesn’t stop there. Living in the Instagram era, where it’s just as important for your food to look good as it does taste good, being able to display the colourful contents of your healthy dish for all to see is a must. It’s no wonder this food trend is taking social media by storm.

Read the Lockhart Look Book online for the innovative bowl designs on pages 50-51 to transform your dish into an insta-worthy display.


3. Meat alternatives.

It’s no secret that Veggie and Vegan lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular. The number of vegans has risen by a tremendous 360% in the past 10 years alone and has no indication of slowing down. In fact, Amazon’s new trend report has listed the vegan BBQ as a top trend for summer 2018.

As the popularity rises, so do the innovative meat free flavour combinations and substitutes. We’ve pulled together a few of our favourites for first time veggie BBQ converts:

Fiery piri piri halloumi skewers are a great way to bring some extra heat without the meat. Packed with Portuguese flavour, these skewers are one to remember.

Homemade burgers are a crowd pleaser at any BBQ, and there’s no exception on the veggie front. These smoky pinto bean-beet burgers have mastered the balance of fantastic flavour and texture.

Our final favourite, is a marinated summer veg antipasti. After all, what’s a BBQ without a selection of side dishes? This mix of colourful summer veg can be served perfectly on a sharing plate for all to tuck in. A few of our favourite plates can be found on pages 4-5 from the Lockhart Look Book online.