National Burger Day 2017: 5 of the most extravagant burgers!

Famously an American favourite, Burgers have pathed the way for wacky and extravagant food concoctions, some of which include chocolate flavoured burgers, pizza burgers and glazed donuts added to an accumulation of meats and cheeses – in true ‘Man v’s Food’ style!

In honour of National Burger Day on 24th August, we have identified some of the latest burger trends which are sure to attract a diner or two!

If you’re on a diet – look away!


Sweet meets savoury with this calorific Double Donut Burger – containing two large hunks of beef, separated by melted cheese and strips of succulent bacon, lashings of BBQ sauce all held together by two sugary glazed donuts. Not on for the faint hearted, this burger holds a massive 1,996 calories and is available from pub chain Hungry Horse.


No bun required! This ‘burger’ – only available in South Korea, replaces the bread bun with two chunky fried chicken patties slapped around a good measure of beef with cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce and the Colonel’s ‘special sauce’.


KerbEdge’s chocolate burger comprises of blue cheese mayo, pineapple and coconut chutney, smashed avocado, and meat marinated in cocoa and chilli powder – the perfect burger for those who just can’t wait for dessert!


Something a little more on the conservative side… ish! This scrumptious take on a burger comprises of Cajun covered prawns with lashings of jalapeno sauce, mayonnaise, chili powder, paprika and dry mustard. Sure to pack a punch this Shrimp Burger is not one to miss out on!


Perhaps not extravagant in calories, but definitely on price! Honky Tonk in London was released in 2014 and priced at an astounding £1,110. Now, the closest customers can get is the Mini Glam Burger, consisting of a half-pound patty served with brie, truffle oil, half a golden egg, and a golden-leaf sprinkled bun, which is priced at the relative bargain rate of £24.95.

So, that’s just a few examples of the most extravagant burgers out there, but we know that the presentation of such food is also a key part of adding the all-important fun to the plate. It just wouldn’t be the same served on a standard white round plate(while perfect for more refined dishes)… so what’s the best way of serving these mammoth burgers?

Firstly, it really does depend on whether the burger is made to share or made for one. Sharing platters are ideal for serving burgers in general, but really do come into their own when presenting sharing food – wooden platters, slate platters and melamine platters are the perfect choice!

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