The Crème range by Lockhart Catering Equipment is a collection of simple yet refined tableware which is beautiful with an air of unmistakable air of quality. The choice of fine ivory colouring in an eclectic range of innovative shapes and styles to create a subtle yet elegant blank canvas on which the chef can present their art.

In addition to the current collection within the range, Lockhart have introduced a new style. Embossed natural waves circle each piece of Rousseau; the latest exquisite collection from Crème.

When you want your presentation to stand out but don’t want to compromise on durability or affordability, Rousseau is the right choice, whether you are serving casual or fine dining; in a pub or at a banquet.

With the technical excellence and unbeatable value for money of Crème Rousseau delivers outstanding style and finesse. You can also mix and match Rousseau with any of the Crème ranges allowing you to present your food with guaranteed style and perfection.

Other collection in the Crème range include;

Monet Collection

The Monet collection combines timeless design with high performance making it the perfect tabletop solution for every situation. Consisting of superbly flat plating areas, formal and casual bowl options, stacking and fine cups, with the addition of jugs and accessories.

Matisse Collection

The Matisse collection takes a simple form and turns it into a creative, contemporary canvas. Each plate and bowl kicks up dramatically to give a stage for the food it holds. Two sizes of multi-functional rectangular platters complete the collection.

Renoir Collection

With swooping lines and smooth centres, the Renoir collection offers generous plating areas with a classic coupe shape. Supporting the rimless oval plates are bowls with a unique elevated profile and 3 sizes of oval coupe platters finish the Renoir collection.

Cezanne Collection

This collection represents a subtler design which can be mixed with other pieces from Crème. White concentric bands create a beautiful frame and the use of in-glaze decals ensures longevity. The plates and bowls are paired with a wide selection of beverage items.

Galerie Collection

A collection of gastronorm ceramics designed to enhance your food displays and serving options. The first phase consists of 5 GN size fine china dishes, with a constant stream of innovative options to follow for all your counter, buffet, banquet and deli display needs.

Jouet Collection

With the unprecedented rise of sharing and tapas-style dining, we have created a collection of miniature side dishes and presentation pots in black and white to offset existing Crème ranges and create a brand-new look and feel for your tabletop display.