‘New Kids on the Block’ is just one of the many features in this month’s edition of Trend Set magazine which talks about healthy food options, food presentation and trends which are being rapidly embraced by restaurants nationwide.

Parents are increasingly looking for healthier foods to serve to their children, from swapping beans for peas and battered chicken to fresh fish. However, with this movement towards healthier food as well as the recently announced push for us to eat a mega 10 fruits and veggies a day, comes the difficultly actually getting the kids interested in what’s on the plate.

Of course, no one is completely ditching the sides of fries or fizzy drinks, but having healthier options available to choose from is truly the key to success with families. While certain items will never be off the menu, restaurants are becoming increasingly creative in adding healthier options alongside them. For example, instead of serving chicken which is battered or bread crumbed, you may find that it will now be grilled.

You may also expect to see more vegetable options than just beans and peas on the children’s menu, for example a plethora of steamed veggies, fruit sticks and salads.

Because the government, the media and therefore parents are now scrutinising what our children eat, restaurants making these small changes makes customers feel more comfortable knowing their children are eating the right food.

The second key to success is ensuring kids are healthy and happy is to think cleverly about your tableware choices. Restaurants are embracing trends which promote quirky, colourful and fun children’s tableware, so parents are comfortable bringing taking children out for meals.

The Tug bowl children’s dinner set adds fun to the mix and allows restaurants to present different elements of the meal cleverly, which kids can pick and choose from; making eating healthy fun!

The Snack and Stack children’s cutlery sets are practical and playful! Having their very own cutlery makes children feel in control, grown up and encourages them to feed themselves… bonus for parents!

The Ms Food Face dinner plates Make food fun! Encouraging juniors to eat through play, exercising a child’s creativity at the same time! So, bring on the mashed-potatoes and peas… the possibilities are endless!

Dalebrook’s fun, farm design of the Duck Range proves very popular with kids and small children. Its colourful image is friendly and inviting, making children’s dinner time more enticing. Each product is also lightweight and highly durable with a break resistant aspect, meaning it will not smash when dropped, a feature ideal for kids!

It makes sense that restaurants start wooing children that dine out as one day they will be grown up and will go out to eat on their own. One day they will be the frequent diners of tomorrow, the restaurant industry is keen to build a good rapport with these children now. Helping them to establish healthy eating habits with food that tastes good, yet is nutritionally valuable is a vital pillar to the future success of the industry.

Is it then time for the operators to ingrain this trend fully and build the blocks for long-term growth? Ensure you have the right tableware solutions to create fun and vibrant presentations and impress the young diners of tomorrow!

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