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Artisan is a beautiful tableware range that combines shape, texture and colour in a way that is designed to elevate and enhance the entire dining experience. Inspired by the hand-thrown style of pottery design studios, Artisan offers something unique.

Taking inspiration from Mediterranean culture and cuisines, the new Artisan range colourways have been designed to showcase vibrant, healthy food, ideal for presenting colourful and spicy dishes. The new ocean blue collection creates a calm backdrop for seafood or light salads, – the high gloss, translucent, speckled blue glaze breaks over the ridges to give a constantly changing blue background for the dish it holds.


Waves of ever changing blue from shallows to the depths break over the Artisan texture; subtle speckles cover the perfect glossy finish. Ocean gives you the ideal backdrop to present your creations. The Artisan range of innovative shapes are designed for style, durability, practicality and to suit the widest range of dishes.

Because Ocean is a part of the Artisan range, it offers the same innovative solutions to help you maximise your storage space. The contemporary stacking shapes of this range make it uniquely practical.


It has been specifically designed to stack on its rims and protect the foot from touching the item below, reducing the risk of products being scratched.

Whilst the ember red collection is perfect for fiery dishes such as curries and stews, but equally brings any dish alive. The warm spiced red collection, brings drama and impact to your table – a real burst of colour that you can mix and match across the Artisan range. The durable gloss red glaze is hand finished with an ochre band and subtle speckles.


And because Ember is also part of the Artisan range, it follows the same design philosophy as Pebble, Coast & Creme. The superbly crafted shapes were created with the help of renowned tableware designer Julian Dowson who added rustic touch to bring subtle studio pottery feel to the new range.


Both collections from the Artisan range include platters, plates and bowls, complimented by a full range of accessories plus mugs and teapots, producing a colourful array of tableware fit for large or small serving solutions.


Add a splash of colour to your table top presentation this year!

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