How does Instagram effect food trends?

In the age of social media, we are all guilty of falling for a well snapped meal. Whether it’s a burger oozing with cheese or a brightly layered rainbow cake, some Instagram snaps are just too tempting to resist.

As a result, when we see a good-looking meal, full of colour and vibrancy we can almost taste it through the screen. One minute you’ll be looking at a mouth-watering picture of pizza then the next thing you know, the cravings have kicked in and you’re on the way to your nearest Italian.

The power of Instagram

The trendy platform Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years with around 800million monthly users, so it comes as no surprise that what we see becomes what we eat. The effects of Instagram on our food choices are undeniable. Now in the food and catering industry, businesses are trying to harness this power and use it to their advantage.  

Hashtags are the way forward. The ease of getting a trend out there using a hashtag as simple as #Chefsofinstagram which has over 2.3 million posts, gives chefs a chance to connect and show off their creations giving us beautiful, inspirational food and recipe ideas. To learn more about the secret of hashtags and their power within the catering industry take a look at Lockhart’s blog post. In collaboration with the brand Churchill, they delve into the reasons why Instagram is so important for attracting customers.

How has Instagram changed the way we eat?

The rise in healthy eating especially in the Vegan and vegetarian communities has been staggering in the recent years with the number of Vegans increasing by 360% in the last year. This is largely due to the meals being so ‘Instagramable’. The bright colours and fresh veg are appealing to the eye and not only make us hungry but also create an aspirational lifestyle.

Instagram has helped to change the way we see these types of diets. What we thought were just boring and tasteless meals have been re-introduced to us encouraging people to give it a go themselves.

From food bloggers to professional chefs, and the foodies in between, these are the people that drive the food trends that we follow. Using our hunger for pretty plates of food and aesthetically pleasing meals, Instagram users can make us crave exactly what they want us to. A great way for businesses to make an impact in the consumer market.

You’ve probably been guilty of the ‘Instagrammable’ effect without even noticing. Some of the most popular food trends that began on Instagram includes smoothie bowls, rainbow cake, raindrop cake originated from Singapore and of course the classics, pizza crammed with toppings and dripping in cheese. To see more of the most ‘Instgrammable’ foods from around the world click here.

Unfortunately, not all Instagram trends taste as good as they look. A lot of what we see and fall in love with on Instagram may not be the healthiest, but it sure looks good. See the trends that people really didn’t enjoy according to food 52.

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