Everything you need to know about the latest street food trends

What was once considered on- the- go, unhealthy grub is now coming into the mainstream with a whole new reputation. As featured in our new Trend Set 8 magazine, street food is making a move into our everyday lives. Moving off the streets and into well known and established restaurants, bars and cafes with the latest cutting-edge trends from across the globe.

Originating from Europe in the 19th century, street food has come a long way since the days of fried strips of potato on the streets of Paris. Research suggests that 2018 will see the makeover of this once cheap and cheerful food. As our perceptions change so do the locations and price, by moving into our restaurants and becoming a more sophisticated and desirable source of nutrition.

Why has it become so popular?

As stated in our latest magazine, ‘It’s the transient nature of street food that allows them to test new ideas without committing to a complete change’ the versatility of these dishes is what makes them so appealing to chefs, easy to make meals that can be served on pretty much anything, from wooden boards to old newspapers. Professionals believe the rise in popularity for street food is due to the ‘low risk factor’. Small bites that aren’t expensive to produce, can be served anywhere and are always guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, making them the perfect solution to bar food.

You no longer need to fly to Bangkok to enjoy authentic Thai street food, nor do you have to carry your paper wrapped fish and chips through the high street. As our street food favourites move from ‘street to seat’ you won’t have to go far to get your fix.

With everyone trying to get on board with this revolution in 2018, there have been several new trends taking consumers by storm. According to an article by The big coffee, for street vendors in 2018 ‘turnover can be anything between £40,000 – £250,000 and those with multiple sites can earn up to £1.5m revenue.’ With these figures, there’s no wonder why business owners are swapping their 3 course meals for tacos.

The overriding pull of street food is convenience with the aim of ‘less sustenance over style’. The Independent reported that in order to give people what they want a sixth of Camden food trucks cater just for vegans, moving way from the meat heavy options in order to reach the growing demographic.

So, what are the most popular street foods and where can I get them?

– All vegan; The Spread Eagle, London

– Jamaican; Mamas jerk, London

– Thai; Zaap, Nottingham

– Mexican; Breddos Tacos, London

– Indian; Manjits Kitchen, Leeds

– American; Bleeckers burgers, London

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