Craft Work – The Craft Beer Phenomenon

June 01, 2015 Drink Trends; General; Trends

For many years beer has been something of a fading giant with annual consumption falling and consumers increasingly switching to wine as their alcoholic beverage of first choice. But…

…interest in beer is now very much on the increase again with the brewing phenomenon that is ‘Craft Beer’ sweeping the nation…

…and rekindling the interest of a whole new generation of beer drinkers.

The Craft Beer phenomenon originated in the US where small ‘micro-brewers’ started selling exotic brews based on a wide range of different hops. These US beers quickly started to attract a cult following in the UK offering a refreshing alternative to both the long-established mass market beers from the large breweries and the rather conservative image of the real ale movement. American craft beers were all about radical new flavours and bold vibrant packaging and in a traditional (some would say moribund) market they quickly made an impact. In short, Craft Beers were hip and started to attract a much younger consumer as well as significant numbers of women drinkers. But the real phenomenon has been the number of UK-based micro-breweries that have now sprung up to take advantage of this growing opportunity. Some estimates suggest as many as 200 new companies are opening each year and that the UK market for Craft Beer is currently growing at around 80% per annum.

Clearly though, the broader range of drinkers being attracted by Craft Beer means you’ll need to meet a greater range of expectations in terms of the glassware that will allow you to appeal to the widest possible range of beer drinkers and take full advantage of this great opportunity to start selling beer again!

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