‘Innovative ideas for serving Britain’s most popular dishes’

We are launching our brand new innovative and inspirational Look Book at this year’s Restaurant show, October 3-5 at London Olympia. The Look Book challenges the typical conventions of catering product guides, with the concept of combining a number of our different supplier’s products to create themes and looks for our restaurant, catering and hospitality customers.

To help us better understand how to deliver innovation and inspiration to our customers, we’ve analysed the menus of all the leading restaurant and pub chains in the UK.

Our aim was to find out what’s really popular with British consumers when they’re eating out and ordering food and drinks.

With this knowledge, we have created a comprehensive ‘scrapbook’ style brochure which will cater for industry professionals to use as a handy guide when aiming to create a particular look for their food presentation.

Sectioned into ‘Starters’, ‘Main Courses and Buffets’, ‘Desserts’ and ‘Drinks’ the aim of the Look Book is to encourage creativity to display themes and styles.

Here’s some exciting examples of our new themes and styles;


The Antipasto Bellissimo – Featuring a combination of continental style meats and cheeses presented on slate, wood and porcelain platters.

Retro inspired – Enamelware, baking tray style platters featuring greaseproof paper as well as duck egg blue and red passé style tableware is featured in this section.

Stay calm and have SOUP – This stunning ensemble features beautiful ocean tone soup bowls, stylish soup spoons and alternative tapas dishes designed to hold your favourite hearty meal.

Main courses;

Fish and Chips – A modern twist on an old classic; serving trays enamelware, wooden trays and an update on the classic newspaper cone which creates a stunning juxtaposition between traditional and contemporary.

Viva Mexicana – This theme features cool colours to offset the heat. Hanging skewer stands and novel nacho serving plates.

Great British Roast – Rustic wooden platters combined with traditional serving plates and contemporary trendy accessories, the perfect accompaniment to the classic roast.

Sharing Revolution – Vintage prints for a contemporary look meets with terracotta roasting tins.


Love your cheeseboard – High risers, slate platters and glass cheese and cracker stands come together to create an innovative and trend forward presentation for the much enjoyed starter… or dessert.

We all scream for ice cream – A selection of super modern sundaes, cool cones and plant pot style bowls.

Warming puddings – Crazy for crumble with traditional deliciousness with a hint of rustic charm makes for a tasty looking collection.

While we see new trends emerging every year, the tastes of the average British consumer remain relatively conservative, with the same favourite dishes coming up time and time again.

The Look Book is packed full of great product ideas to help revitalise tabletop presentations and bring a fresh, exciting new look to a wide range of the most popular starters, main courses, desserts and drinks.

We will be hosting the Catering Equipment Expo at this year’s The Restaurant Show where over 60 leading catering equipment manufacturers will display their products and carry out technical demonstrations and seminars.

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