Coffee vs Tea: ‘What is the nation’s favourite drink?’

When we think of the UK’s signature drink, we all picture a classic English breakfast tea. But as times change so do our tastes.

With UK Coffee Week running from the 16th – 22nd April and National Tea Day on the 21st we’ve been debating ‘which one is really the nation’s favourite drink?’  With two of our favourite beverages competing for your vote, this may just be the decider for the Nation’s favourite cuppa.

If you’re a coffee lover you’re in luck. 2017 research found that coffee is the nation’s favourite, following a whole host of studies that identify coffee’s benefits. The main one being that coffee drinkers have up to 15% lower risk of death according to the Telegraph. Research carried out by the BBC based on European consumers tells us that drinking three cups of coffee a day is proven to make you live longer, even if it’s decaffeinated.

If tea is your thing, don’t panic. There is also evidence that suggests a compound found in black tea is proven to help fight bacteria in the gut and overall tea drinkers have been found to live longer than average.

With so many conflicting studies highlighting both positive and negative effects of coffee and tea it’s hard to know which is best for your health. However, this is not the only factor effecting the consumption of our favourite hot drinks. Keeping up with the trends is another huge influence on our favourite drinks. A big part of this is caused by social media – Instagram is exploding with images of elaborate coffees, unicorn Frappuccino’s and more. In recent years getting your hands on one of these has become the number one accessory.

The same goes for tea, from matcha to the classic herbal blends, our local cafes are bringing flavours and recipes from around the world into our everyday life.

Although coffee is costlier on average, it would seem people are not put off by the increasing price. Instead the premium prices create an aspirational lifestyle that us Brits are suckers for.

Coffee consumption is at an all-time high whether you’re a cappuccino lover, after a caramel macchiato or fancy a coffee in an avocado (Yes, that’s a real thing!) there’s always a barista just around the corner waiting to impress you with their latte art skills. Learn more about the coffee revolution worldwide in Lockhart’s blog.

Capitalising on this trend, the number of coffee shops in the UK has continued to rise. Research from Cost Sector Catering suggests that the number of cafes and coffee shops will even overtake pubs by 2030.

So, what’s the prediction for the future? With the consumption of tea falling by 19% since 2010 according to the Daily Mail the future is looking good for all you coffee drinkers.

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