Christmas dinner, eat in or eat out?

December 14, 2017 Events; General; Latest Features; Trends

What do you picture when someone says Christmas dinner? Are you in a warm pub sat next to a roaring fire or in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your family?

Research shows that the amount of people choosing to dine out for Christmas is on the rise. In 2015 Vice said that more people than ever where eating out for their Christmas dinner; this has been a growing trend year on year. According to Eat Out Magazine the amount of people that dine out for their Christmas meal rose by 43% last year with the British public choosing a cosy pub or luxurious restaurant over their own dining rooms.

What is it about eating out that’s got us hooked? Perhaps the idea of cooking for your extended family and friends is just too daunting for some. Being treated and waited on is a much more relaxing way to spend the festive season. For others the idea of spending a couple of hundred per head on Christmas dinner at an already expensive time of the year is simply too much and not in the spirit of Christmas.


Reasons to eat out this Christmas.

With the stress of wrapping those last-minute presents and catering to the needs of your fussy relatives it’s no wonder people are turning to restaurants for their festive fix. Having someone else prepare an extravagant roast fit for the whole family helps to take the strain away from the designated chef.

With eating out the risk of dry turkey is significantly reduced. Let the professionals do the work for you and you’ll be sure to keep the whole family happy. Eating out means each person can choose what they want to eat. Even the fussiest of eaters can pick and choose their favourite bits, letting you relax and enjoy the festive feast.

We all like to think that our decorations are the best, but let’s be honest sometimes there’s nothing better than a cosy pub topped off with a roaring fire and traditional Christmas decorations, what could be more British than that?

The cost of eating out can turn people off the idea, but not to worry. Whether you’re a fan of Marcus Wareing and fancy his 6-course menu for £375 a head; or fancy a cosy Christmas down at your local pub for an average price of £40 per person. There really is something for everyone, no matter what their budget.


What will they be serving?

If eating out this Christmas sounds like your thing, take a look at the Time Out guide to all the London restaurants open on Christmas day. With all the names and menus laid out by regions let this be your ultimate guide to the perfect festive feast this year.

For those of you up North why not have a look at these 12 cracking places to eat out in Manchester on Christmas day.

Along with the classic Turkey dinner with all the trimmings; our trend research predicts a blast from the past. A menu made of a rack of venison and a Black Forest Gateau means we will truly be back in the 1970’s.

To explore the revival of the 1970’s Christmas menu along with many other Christmas food trends, take a look at Lockhart’s blog all about what to expect in the Christmas of 2017.

Share your Christmas dinners with us via Facebook and Twitter. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!