We all love a cup of tea, whether it’s first thing in the morning, a pick-me-up throughout the day or and comforting evening beverage. Tea in its many flavours, styles and cultured differences is the most widely consumed drink in the world.

The largest producers of tea are the People’s Republic of China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Although tea originated in China as a medicinal beverage, us Brits have truly adopted tea as our own.

It’s become perceived as quintessentially British to combine a cup of tea with a scone and a dollop of clotted cream, sometimes even accompanied by sandwiches and cakes at an afternoon tea party. However, whether you are enjoying a brew or a fine China cup of tea; it is enjoyed by all, in many different forms and flavours across the country.

This traditional beverage has been around since as far back as 2737 BC, and has taken on many different forms within a variety of cultures around the world. However, in the past few decades, Britain has seen little change in the way that tea is presented to the consumer. A traditional cup and saucer, or even a mug is used as a canvas for the much-loved brew, but in 2017, we will see the rise of trend-forward tea presentation solutions for the beverage that is enjoyed by the majority of people in the UK.

Here’s some inspiration to provide stylish serving solutions this year.

Elevate your customers’ tea experience and exceed their expectations by brewing a favourite traditional English beverage in a beautifully crafted 18/10 stainless steel teapot in a modern aesthetic design. An infuser secures neatly inside the body to allow loose leaf tea or other infusions to be prepared effortlessly and dispenses with the need for an additional tea strainer.

Choose a twist on a classic, with a glass hot drinks server. Forgo traditional whiteware in favour of a transparent vessel to optimise a beverage’s presentation.

The Good Mood 400ml/14oz teapot is ideal for serving tea and herbal infusions to one or two customers. Good Mood is a classic shape that allows customers to see their tea. Serving in this way catches customers attention and encourages more orders. The teapot is manufactured in borosilicate glass that is light, heat resistant to 450 degrees centigrade and dishwasher safe. Borosilicate glass was invented by Jenaer Glas. The lid and infuser are manufactured from stainless steel.

The Good Mood twin pack of two borosilicate glass cups and two brushed stainless steel saucers is the perfect accompaniment to the Good Mood Tea Pots.

The trend for tea is growing and fruit teas are becoming increasingly popular. A fully glass teapot is the perfect way to present the colour of the beverage in all its glory. Made from Borasilicate, the Long Island range is strong, practical and versatile.

Create a truly Eastern presentation with these Mandarin Teapots, crafted from Cast Iron for a rustic authenticity. Accompany this with glassware from the Utopia Double Walled Macchiato glasses, which provide excellent thermal insulation for both hot and cold beverages.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or trend-forward serving solution, Lockhart has something for every taste – whether you like it with milk or perhaps with a hint of earl grey…

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