July 14, 2015 Drink Trends; Trends

    The popularity of gin has surged over the last five years – amongst both distillers and drinkers – after changes in distillation laws now allow smaller, artisan companies to produce the spirit with their own personal touches. Since 2009, more than 35 micro-distilleries have opened across the UK. The number of specialist gin bars is also on the rise and the global cocktail culture continues to increase its sales. As a result, the UK exported a record-breaking £394 million worth of gin last year – that’s... Read More

  • Cool stuff

    July 13, 2015 Drink Trends; Food Trends; Trends

    Our trend setters see a lot of cool stuff during their food adventures across the gastro capitals of the world, on the streets and at the table. Here we want to share some of their more novel discoveries. Whether that influences the future of dining and consumer markets is up to you, because ultimately you are the trend setters. Shop the issue here. Read More

  • Smooth As Glass

    June 01, 2015 Drink Trends; General; Trends

    Schott Zwiesel is the glass of the professionals and the market leader among the world’s top hotels and restaurants. The lead the world in crystal glass innovation and technology.  Estelle is part of the SCHOTT ZWIESEL gourmet collection. It is a dramatic and elegant range designed to work well with wines. Manufactured with the latest spun technology, the result is a glass with no joint or seams. Estelle stemware looks and feels like a mouth-blown glass, but has the durability of a machine-made glass.... Read More

  • All Is Revealed

    June 01, 2015 Drink Trends; General; Trends

    The Reveal’Up collection shows its characteristically refined personality with a range of nine glasses that enliven the senses when tasting and provide a sublime serving experience. Reveal’Up creates a dialogue between wine and glass that awakens the four senses used by wine professionals and discerning enthusiasts alike: touch, slight, smell, and taste.  Touch: The perfect balance of Reveal’Up glasses allows for a pleasant experience when held, allowing the wine to swirl easily. The thin rim is extremely comfortable on the lips. Sight: The architecture... Read More

  • Craft Work – The Craft Beer Phenomenon

    June 01, 2015 Drink Trends; General; Trends

    For many years beer has been something of a fading giant with annual consumption falling and consumers increasingly switching to wine as their alcoholic beverage of first choice. But… …interest in beer is now very much on the increase again with the brewing phenomenon that is ‘Craft Beer’ sweeping the nation… …and rekindling the interest of a whole new generation of beer drinkers. The Craft Beer phenomenon originated in the US where small ‘micro-brewers’ started selling exotic brews based on a wide range of... Read More


    October 09, 2014 Drink Trends

    Once upon a time, it was all about the champagne. It was the only way to greet guests, the tipple of choice for the connoisseur of fizz. Serving a glass of champagne at the start of a party or banquet
has been a time-honoured way of welcoming guests and getting things off to a sparkling start. Until recently when the modern party-goer’s discovered champagne’s Italian relative – Prosecco.   Only sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France can be called Champagne and this exclusiveness... Read More

  • It’s time to put non-alcoholic cocktails on a pedestal and see bigger profits

    August 07, 2014 Drink Trends; Latest Features; Trends

    A third of all non-alcoholic drinks served in pubs are free glasses of water. Convert just half of these into non-alcoholic cocktails with profit margins of up to 93% and you’ll see a huge impact on your bottom line. It’s one of those obvious observations that tends to be forgotten. Put yourself in the shoes of the designated driver. They are in the driving seat and they decide where the car full of friends goes. If you make your non-alcoholic menu as exciting as... Read More

  • Tom Collins - mixed by James Trevillion

    James Trevillion shows you how to mix a Tom Collins

    June 24, 2014 Drink Recipes; Drink Trends; Recipes; Trends

    You should know by now that the cocktail culture is making a big splash in Britain and that it’s good for your profits! A cocktail menu helps diversify your target clientèle, creates theatre, offers an added-value experience, and yields profit margins that can’t be achieved through beer alone. To get you started – and to help you see that mixology is not a dark art – Trend Set has produced a series of ‘step-by-step’ videos by the talented James Trevillion, from Pub Hub. Here James shows us how to... Read More

  • Pre-mixed cocktails without losing the theatre

    Pre-mixed cocktails without losing the theatre

    May 30, 2014 Drink Trends; Latest Features

    So you want to jump in and mix it up with the UK’s booming cocktail culture but you are concerned about the longer service during peak sessions, the time and expense training all your bar staff, and maintaining consistency. The simple answer is pre-mixed cocktails. Within the US cocktail scene it is already becoming increasingly common to find operators bottling their own drinks ahead of service. This can be done without losing the sense of theatre and occasion associated with a cocktail if you... Read More